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Hackers breach customer rating tool used on over 7,000 websites - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 16:00
Attack on Shopper Approved was done by the same hacking group that stole info from Ticketmaster UK, NewEgg and British Airways, researchers say.
Kategorien: Technology News

Sony says PlayStation 4 successor is coming, but doesn't call it PS5 yet - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 15:43
"Next-generation hardware" is necessary, Sony's president tells the Financial Times.
Kategorien: Technology News

This mini DJI Mavic lookalike is fun to fly and a fraction of the price - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 14:15
What does DJI's drone have that this one doesn't? Well, lots of things, actually, but the Eachine E58 is still a great buy -- especially with this exclusive discount code.
Kategorien: Technology News

This cordless drill comes with all the extras for $53 - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 14:10
Normally $70, it's a great starter drill for the new homeowner or a great replacement for one that's worn out. Plus: a three-node mesh router for just $169.
Kategorien: Technology News

2019 Ford Edge ST first drive review: Potent and practical - Roadshow

Di, 09/10/2018 - 14:00
Ford’s first ST-badged crossover SUV dials up power, handling and style.
Kategorien: Technology News

June Intelligent Oven will automatically cook dishes from Whole Foods - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 14:00
The oven will also go on sale at some Whole Foods stores in California.
Kategorien: Technology News

Hear China's rousing song about the perks of being a cyber superpower - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 13:12
It's called the "Cyberspace Strategy Song."
Kategorien: Technology News

Chinese police can officially demand user data from ISPs - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 10:03
Please and thank you.
Kategorien: Technology News

Microsoft to invest in ride-hailing firm Grab - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 09:05
The partnership will allow both companies to work together on projects including AI and big data.
Kategorien: Technology News

Unicorn startups are making a comeback - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 07:01
After a slump, the third quarter booms with companies with $1 billion valuations.
Kategorien: Technology News

Faraday Future is already having a rough week and it's only Monday - Roadshow

Di, 09/10/2018 - 03:51
The long-troubled EV startup is running into continued financial and technological troubles, according to multiple reports.
Kategorien: Technology News

Study says female superheroes help girls with self-esteem - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 03:42
A new study reveals young female fans feel more confident when they see onscreen heroes who look like them. Bring on more Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and female Time Lords!
Kategorien: Technology News

NYCC 2018 trailer reveals: Titans, Star Trek, Aquaman and more - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 02:53
Here are the trailers that debuted online during New York Comic Con 2018.
Kategorien: Technology News

Google pulls out of competition for $10B Pentagon cloud contract - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 02:44
Decision follows an outcry over another military project that could weaponize AI research.
Kategorien: Technology News

NASA's asteroid chaser gets first glimpse of potentially hazardous target - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 02:37
Brightening Bennu brought to you by barnstorming OSIRIS-REx as NASA readies for sample retrieval mission.
Kategorien: Technology News

Take a look at Flogging Molly playing a set for CNET Smart Home Sessions - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 02:01
Three members of Flogging Molly performed a concert in the cozy confines of Xfinity CNET Smart Home. Here are some images from the performance.
Kategorien: Technology News

Here's the bleeped Avengers 4 title Mark Ruffalo revealed on Fallon - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 01:37
Audio-editing software erases the "BLEEP!" and lets fans hear what the Hulk actor really said on The Tonight Show.
Kategorien: Technology News

Netflix is buying a production studio in New Mexico - CNET

Di, 09/10/2018 - 00:54
It just happens to be right where Walter White buried his barrels of money.
Kategorien: Technology News

Diminutive 2018 Kia Rio picks up big safety accolade - Roadshow

Di, 09/10/2018 - 00:13
It's proof that small cars can be plenty safe.
Kategorien: Technology News

Seeing Audi's E-Tron motors get made is like catnip for engineering nerds - Roadshow

Mo, 08/10/2018 - 22:38
The video shows a host of slow-moving orange robots carefully assembling the heart of Audi's new electric SUV.
Kategorien: Technology News