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NASA: Kepler Space Telescope is out of fuel and out of time - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 23:02
The spacecraft, which revealed a universe full of planets that might be similar to our own, is being retired.
Kategorien: Technology News

iPad Pro 2018 vs. Pixel Slate vs. Surface Pro 6: All specs, compared - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:52
Apple gears up to do battle with Microsoft and Google in the premium tablet market.
Kategorien: Technology News

Facebook sees stagnating sales and user growth - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:38
We've become used to seeing faster growth.
Kategorien: Technology News

T-Mobile leads in wireless growth again as it awaits Sprint acquisition - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:38
The Un-carrier doesn't want to rock the boat right now.
Kategorien: Technology News

Weird Halloween horror films and TV shows you may've overlooked - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:32
Teen cannibals, ghosts, killer cults, evil puppets and tentacled sea creatures. Watch these unusual scary films and TV shows, streaming now, to get your spook on.
Kategorien: Technology News

NASA solar probe sets two wild space records on way to sun - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:29
The Parker Solar Probe is going where no spacecraft has gone before. And it's going there fast.
Kategorien: Technology News

Faraday Future founder resigns as staff furloughed, report says - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 22:22
The founder reportedly called the startup "effectively insolvent" in an email.
Kategorien: Technology News

Bentley considering electric vehicle, report says - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 21:37
The Flying B is looking for ways to reduce its CO2 emissions -- going electric could help.
Kategorien: Technology News

Uber adds monthly subscription service that guarantees low-cost rides - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 21:24
Ride Pass starts at $14.99 and is available Tuesday in five US cities.
Kategorien: Technology News

Make pizzas on the go with the zero-emission Toyota Tundra Pie Pro - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:44
It's packing a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain and a pizza oven. What more do you need?
Kategorien: Technology News

Toyota Tundra Pie Pro SEMA concept is a Pizza Hut on wheels - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:40
That's one way to become the king or queen of your next tailgate.
Kategorien: Technology News

It's (finally) official: 2020 Toyota Supra to debut at Detroit Auto Show - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:33
Start the countdown to the return of the Supra now.
Kategorien: Technology News

2020 Kia Forte gets sportier with a turbocharged GT model - Roadshow

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:20
With a 201-horsepower, 1.6-liter turbo engine under the hood, the Forte GT should be fun.
Kategorien: Technology News

Darkest Night, the 'brutal' horror podcast that gets inside your head - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:09
Searching for Halloween spooks? This binaural audio drama features corpses, cannibals and weird science -- nearly as weird as the way it's recorded.
Kategorien: Technology News

Apple event font triggers Comic Sans haters - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 20:07
Apple introduced new Macbook Airs, iPad Pros and an awkward font that veers dangerously close to the reviled Comic Sans.
Kategorien: Technology News

MacBook Pro 15-inch gets AMD Radeon Pro Vega options - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 19:46
The highest-end 15-inch model will offer an option for the current generation of AMD's graphics architecture.
Kategorien: Technology News

ESPN+ streaming service comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 19:44
You can cut out cable, but keep your favorite sports on your TV.
Kategorien: Technology News

Popular kids apps are full of 'manipulative' ads, study finds - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 19:39
Looks like you're not the only one advertisers are targeting.
Kategorien: Technology News

What we didn't get from Apple's iPad Pro event - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 19:38
There were new iPad Pros, a new MacBook Air and a new Mac Mini, but there were also a bunch of things missing. Bummer.
Kategorien: Technology News

Apple's 12-inch MacBook gets a new gold color (and ditches its old gold color) - CNET

Di, 30/10/2018 - 19:04
The new gold is also available with the new MacBook Air. Apple also canned two MacBook colors: rose gold and a different gold.
Kategorien: Technology News