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TargetProduction of mutual Assotiationen
MethodologyIn a discussion or a discussion round during a limited period ideas or key words are thrown in into the round, which are structured following and discussed. The following rules should be considered:
  • All users must bring in their fact knowledge, even if it does not appear relevant for the problem (it can wake associations with others).
  • Incidents of the users may not be reglementiert.
  • Problem orientation goes before solution orientation, because early "shooting in" on a solution makes finding more difficult alternatives.
  • Small consent can also affect promoting bringing new, innovative ideas out.
  • The idea evaluation comes to the session; this serves the idea identification.
  • In hierarchically structured groups with subordinate positions the superior may of him assumed or favored solution not to express, because the others swing otherwise easily instead of being innovative and creative.
  • Quantity goes before quality, because it concerns first to produce ideas.
  • Each attempt of a criticism or a statement during the session is to be avoided or delayed.
  • There is not a non-standard copyright at ideas, but collective, because flag of the brainstorming is taking up and far spiders by ideas. Therefore no participant the result or sections of it can be written on his flag.
AdvantageSpontaneously, no large preparation can be made necessarily.
DisadvantageAt least two persons necessarily. Moderator must train the discussion, so that results are entered and conflicts are avoided.
ExampleDiscussion manual