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TargetSearch for problem solution beginnings
MethodologySix symbolic hats are available. Each of these hats is for a certain thinking direction or a certain aspect of the problem. They can put one of the hats after desire and mood and make themselves thereby its adjustment too own. Principle of this method is it to take and express successively different points of view:
  • The white hat is for objectivity and neutrality. Information will collected, without to be evaluated. Count only facts and numbers, no emotions and judgements. The personal opinion is perfectly insignificant
  • The red hat is for completely personal feeling and the subjective opinion. All feelings, the positive like the negative, will certified, it can be vague, without having to justify itself
  • The black hat designates all material arguments, which express doubt, doubt, risks, but no negative feelings
  • The yellow hat calls the objective positive characteristics, i.e. chances and pluses, hopes and targets, thus all aspects, which speak for the decision
  • The green hat leads to new ideas. It is for creativity and alternatives and is a symbol beyond the past. It permits provocation and contradiction and can everything formulate, what leads to new ideas, no matter how moved or these ideas may be impracticable. Critical remarks are not permitted
  • The blue hat is for check and organization, i.e. the Traegerin, the carrier of this hat looks from a higher level on the total process, keeps the overview and brings the individual results together
NecessarilyThe "description of hat" (see above)
AdvantageMethod functions also with an individual person.
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