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TargetFormation of analogies and Assotiationen
MethodologyTILMAG means Transformation iof dealer Loesungselemente in Matrizen for the formation of Assoziationen and search of Gemeinsamkeiten. There is a similarity to the synectics, the idea identification is however by the pattern more stukturierter and simpler.
1 Problem definition Development of ideas in principle
2 Definition of the ideal solution items Listing of the ideal characteristics
3 confrontation in pairs of the Wunschelemte in a matrix Associations to the mating are noted
4 Transfer of the associations on the problem with a ertsen level Listing of the arising ideas
5 Which thing in common exists between two of the associations Creation of a thing in common matrix
6 Idea development from the thing in common matrix Create an idea collection, a listing of the ideas
NecessarilyPattern (see above)
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