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ARIZ - algorithm or step procedure for invention problems

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TargetSystematic search for new solutions (Erfingungssuche)
Methodology ARIZ is an algorithm or a step procedure for the solution of complex or difficult invention functions. (here in a ziehmlich early Fassumg, sucked. Ariz-61)
  • Analytic phase
    • Define the problem
    • Describe the ideal final result (IER)
    • Define contradictions, which oppose the implementation of the IER
    • Analyze origin and causes of the contradictions
    • Define conditions for the overcoming of the contradictions
  • Operational phase
    • Check all possible modifications of the parameters and technical Charakterisitk
    • Check the possibility of the allocation into unanhaengige subsystems:
      • Isolate a "weak" and/or a "necessary and sufficient" subsystem
      • Divide the object into homogeneous and/or function-differentiated subsystems
    • Check possible modifications in the respective surrounding field of the object and his parameters
      • Arrange the object surrounding field into sections with different characteristics
      • Use the Externalitaeten for the execution of desired functions
    • Check possible modifications of procedures in interaction with the given technique
      • Examine the linkage from before independent technical systems to a functioning total system
      • Remove a procedure and transfer his functions to another
      • Increase the number of simultaneously running process steps (e.g. with a surface by utilization of the free rear side of this surface)
    • Examine examples from other branches of science, technique and economics, how available conflicting aims were solved in other disciplines
    • Turn for output question back and more generally formulates the conditions or changes to one for a more familiar task, if the virangegangenen steps remained without result
  • Synthetic phase
    • Change the shape of the regarded (technical) system
    • Change the other procedures, which are connected with the regarded system
    • Change muddled with the application of the regarded technique
    • Check the application of a found principle for the solution of another (technical) problem
AdvantageMethod functions partially also with an individual person.
DisadvantageComplex and partially time-intensively
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