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Mathematical Functions

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Most important mathematical and arithmetical functions, which are implemented in most SQL databases.

ABS(Formula) ABS returns the value istself, when positiv, and (-1)*value, when negativ.
CEIL(Formula) CEIL rounds a value (number with decimals) to the next bigger integer.
HEX(Formula) HEX returns the hex-value of the argument.
FLOOR(Formula) FLOOR rounds a value (number with decimals) to the next smaller integer.
MOD(Formula1, Formula2) MOD returns the rest of an division of two arguments.
ROUND( Formula [, Integer ] ) Rounds the argument to the next floating point number with specifyed number of decimals. If the oprional number of decimals in not given, then the result would be an integer.
SQRT(Formula) Returns the square root of the argument.
TAN(Formula) Returns the tangens of the argument.
TRUNC(Formula) TRUNC rounds the argument to the next smaller integer. In some databases a charakter value is converted to a number, before it is rounded.
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