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Think of times you conversated with your friends, of discussions with your colleagues or simply of an article from a magazine, you have red, where the word "art" was used. Times, if them the word art read, heard or used, you also knew almost everyone, what them mine or which is meant. That means, you met a definition of the term art for itself already consciously or unconsciously.

Humans are however all different, have different education and also a different life way behind themself, which leads to the fact that everyone develops its own, unique definition of art. Everyone understands something else by it, but there is at least one, usually large overlap with the definition and the understanding of the term, because humans would not know how to exchange information, thoughts and simply talk to each other.

That is an attempt, as general as possible, to find global textuall definition for the term art in which the different ways different human definitions it and different understandings of humans can be again-reflected. The method, which is used thereby, is relative to the definition another term, which also partly finds application in mathematics.

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