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First Check of the Definition

Sorry, this text is a mashine translation from german...

We check the met definitions now on the basis a simple konreten example. We select a spoon as art object.

We imagine first a completely simple steel spoon, which is not reduced in such a way by production to its function that it possesses a completely simple form, any pictures, Grawuren of ider Einkaerbungen carries as well as a simple monotonous colour usual for Staht has. Silk form is not minimumistic or reduced, one detects always immediately the type of the article and its purpose. Such a spoon could come just as well from a German as also American factory. Wecche Assotiationen or thought will cause with you such a spoon? Probably no different, than that it is a spoon from steel was made and as cutlery serve can. Not times a Assitioation with the country of origin can arise. This spoon is not according to the met definition an art object and its production no art, because it does not call Assotiationen, which "over amplifier-modification-eat over the type of the object, whose purpose and the application of the object" go out.

We try to imagine another spoon now. This spoon is in such a way reduced of its From that it almost like a small pan shovel, as a small trapezoid works. From its Fabre can the material be determined not immediately: it could be Staht, an alloy or also a precious metal such as platinum or silver. On the grasp a picture is engraved, which the upper half of a beautiful woman suggest. It is scarcely dressed. It not to constitute which you makes. Because the picture possesses just as clear lines, like the form of the spoon, it can be assumed, but not with certainty that it comes from the western culture sphere of influence. The rear side of the spoon grasp carries the initials of the Erschaffers (here I would not like to take the term art yet in the mouth), which points possibly on a manual work. Which Assitiationen will cause these spoons. With me the probably following: Spoon, metal, cutlery, unknown metal, unusual form, beautiful form, secret, a picture, on which metal surface eingaviert, a woman, with few means much tells, beauty, art. This spoon is according to the met definition means Aufgen, because that it is my Assotiationen, an art object: it caused Assotiationen, which "over amplifier-modification-eat over the type of the object with me, whose purpose and the application of the object" go out. The Erschaffer of the spoon is in my eyes an artist.

Where is the boundary situated between art and Nichtkunst according to this definition? If one understands the question literally, then the response is scarce and precise: it is situated in the "eye of the viewer". Because, the one object goes with the viewer causes or also not around the Assotiationen. If with humans the perception for any objective or also subjective reasons is reduced and he sees the same with the second spoon also only, as with first, then also the second spoon is not art for it, then it is also only one utensils.

Why in the definition of the art object of a "certain period" one speaks? Sometimes the understanding of humans changes over a certain article, over a certain object with the time, e.g. by new experiences and experiences. I try to explain it times on the basis from (admitted, quite disks) an example to. We take an auto. A small child understands by it perhaps only metal.If it becomes somewhat larger, then white it, it is an auto.For a dte rodent it can be possibly still another dream. For an adult it is utensils.For a pensioner the auto is possibly an unnecessary luxury.If all even described Assosiationen experiences at the same time, then the auto for it approaches to the art article. It is not an art article, if it feels each day of one week differently, because it modifies its opinion due to of external influences. That means, I understand here by a certain period one period, where the Assotiationen Men did not change by own shift of opinion. That means it among other things also that an object does not become automatic the art object, if the current social forming of an opinion or also mode desired and makes this "beautiful", because that can itself modify already tomorrow. However also nothing speaks against it that sowas from duration can be