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EN: All about art, fine arts and so on...
DE: Alles über Kunst, schöne Künste und so weiter...
RU: All about art, fine arts and so on...

Copyright and Warranty

Copyright © 2004 by André Müller. This Object is open source. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Universal General Public License (UGPL).

Here some important parts of the UGPL:

Distribution Concerns

You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Object except as expressly provided under this License. Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the object is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance.


Implications of the Choosen Definition

Following questions were posted on the defition page for the term art on (endlish version, state at 28.10.2002):

  • Can somebody make art if the creation was not intended to be art?
  • Is art always a form of individual expression?
  • Will a work of art only be art once it is finished?

Theese and other questions we will answer now basing on the choosen definitions for the terms object, art object and art.


First Check of the Definition

Sorry, this text is a mashine translation from german...

We check the met definitions now on the basis a simple konreten example. We select a spoon as art object.

We imagine first a completely simple steel spoon, which is not reduced in such a way by production to its function that it possesses a completely simple form, any pictures, Grawuren of ider Einkaerbungen carries as well as a simple monotonous colour usual for Staht has. Silk form is not minimumistic or reduced, one detects always immediately the type of the article and its purpose. Such a spoon could come just as well from a German as also American factory. Wecche Assotiationen or thought will cause with you such a spoon? Probably no different, than that it is a spoon from steel was made and as cutlery serve can. Not times a Assitioation with the country of origin can arise. This spoon is not according to the met definition an art object and its production no art, because it does not call Assotiationen, which "over amplifier-modification-eat over the type of the object, whose purpose and the application of the object" go out.



The art is the process or the activity of the creating of art objects.


Art Object

An art object is an object, which initiates and creates in a finite perod of time (where the opinion of the viewer, e.g. by a modified context of the object, does not change) different, over the purpose and understanting over the type of the object outstanding, assotiations in the mind of the viewer.

...sorry, I am not a native to english language.



An object, of Latin objectum, is a something (consciously more near not specified), to which a human thought refers either or or supports. It is insignificant whether formal communication or Ubereinstimmung finds over the object between individuals instead of.

Under the term object becomes usually always somewhat abstrakteres, when by the term understood article. So, for example, an article is not also always an object, but an object always an article. In a certain context, e.g. depending upon field of activity or special, different more concrete definitions for the term can be met (please around understanding, if I do not specify the current or correct definition here, there I not with all these areas professionally am occupied):

Concrete definitions in some areas:

  • Colloquial language

Analysis of the Choosen Definition

Now it's time to make first analysis of the choosen definition and their implications.



Think of times you conversated with your friends, of discussions with your colleagues or simply of an article from a magazine, you have red, where the word "art" was used. Times, if them the word art read, heard or used, you also knew almost everyone, what them mine or which is meant. That means, you met a definition of the term art for itself already consciously or unconsciously.

Humans are however all different, have different education and also a different life way behind themself, which leads to the fact that everyone develops its own, unique definition of art. Everyone understands something else by it, but there is at least one, usually large overlap with the definition and the understanding of the term, because humans would not know how to exchange information, thoughts and simply talk to each other.


Definitions Around the Term Art

Here you find the main definitions around the term and/or word art.


Art (EN)

Here you find a relatively new, in the field of the art sciences unusually mathematical, unusually logical definition for the term art. As in mathematics, the choosen definitions (axioms) are verified and checked upon a set of basic statements (lemmas).
-- english, deutsch, russian --
P.S. Sorry for my bad english


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