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Mission of this Site

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Here you find the mission of this site, the intention to build such a website and the motivations.

  • The Mission
  • The mission of this site is to start a free content revolution like the free software revolition startet with GPL and linux. It's at least a try. The fundament of this revolution is the UGPL. UGPL means Universal General Public License. It's an analogon and a generalization to other public licenses, like GPL,LGPL, Mozilla public license and so on.

  • The Idea
  • The idea is simple. The more people will publish their own content, images, videos, documents, knowledge, algorithms, software and anything, which can be covered by intellectual property at all, under the Universal General Public License and the more people will use and improve such objects in their own work, the more freeedom there will be on the Net. The freedom to use something without charge, but without nerving and timecosty clearing of usage permissions with the owners of proprietary objects too.

    Join, submit own content, participate!

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