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Google Doodle spotlights cinematographer James Wong Howe - CNET

CNet News - 12 часов 30 минут назад
Chinese-born Howe worked his way up from clapper boy to winner of two Academy Awards.
Категории: Technology News

Analyse zur DSGVO von Peter Schaar: Die notwendige Zumutung Datenschutz

Heise Newsticker - 13 часов 42 минуты назад
Bevor die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung wirksam wurde, gab es noch einmal eine heftige Debatte und jede Menge Klagen über die neuen Pflichten. Das geht am Thema vorbei, analysiert der ehemalige Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte Peter Schaar.
Категории: Technology News

Datenschutz: So setzt Heise Medien die DSGVO um

Heise Newsticker - 13 часов 42 минуты назад
Nach einem Vorlauf von zwei Jahren findet die Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) am heutigen Tag endlich ihre Anwendung. Wir informieren Sie hier, wie Heise Medien den neuen europäische Datenschutz umgesetzt hat.
Категории: Technology News

Donald Trump is here to stay on Twitter, says CEO Jack Dorsey - CNET

CNet News - 15 часов 16 минут назад
Love them or hate them, the head of Twitter says the president's tweets are all just a part of an "open conversation."
Категории: Technology News

These tiny smart toilet crafts are anything but crappy - CNET

CNet News - 15 часов 49 минут назад
Download miniature paper crafts of loos from the world's largest smart toilet manufacturer that look real enough to work.
Категории: Technology News

HTC Vive Focus VR headset now connects with the U12 Plus phone - CNET

CNet News - 16 часов 28 минут назад
Portable VR headset, meet squeezable phone.
Категории: Technology News

San Francisco says goodbye to electric scooters, for now - CNET

CNet News - 17 часов 17 минут назад
To get an operating permit from the city, Bird, Lime and Spin must first clear the streets of their vehicles.
Категории: Technology News

Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke kept a journal during filming - CNET

CNet News - 17 часов 26 минут назад
The actor wrote about her experiences playing Queen Daenerys Targaryen in season 8 of the hit HBO show. And fans might get to see inside.
Категории: Technology News

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn't own a laptop - CNET

CNet News - 17 часов 47 минут назад
Living that #mobilelyf.
Категории: Technology News

Criminal defendants could get access to Facebook user content, court rules - CNET

CNet News - 18 часов 5 минут назад
The California Supreme Court kicks the case back to trial court to determine whether info was public when it was subpoenaed.
Категории: Technology News

Totalbiscuit, one of gaming's most popular YouTubers, has passed away - CNET

CNet News - 18 часов 20 минут назад
After a long struggle with bowel cancer, John "Totalbiscuit" Bain died aged 33.
Категории: Technology News

Facebook accused of collecting user data from texts, photos - CNET

CNet News - 19 часов 2 минуты назад
A lawsuit alleges Facebook used its apps to gather info on users and their friends.
Категории: Technology News

Valve accuses Apple of rejecting Steam Link mobile streaming app - CNET

CNet News - 19 часов 30 минут назад
So much for easily playing PC games on your iPhone.
Категории: Technology News

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from GoldenEye up for auction - Roadshow

CNet News - 19 часов 55 минут назад
If you've got the equivalent of $2.1 million, James Bond's ride could be yours.
Категории: Technology News

Boba Fett Star Wars movie reportedly in development with James Mangold - CNET

CNet News - 20 часов 4 минуты назад
Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold, next off the production line is Boba Fett!
Категории: Technology News

Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for infringing iPhone design patents, jury finds - CNET

CNet News - 20 часов 8 минут назад
The jury goes halfway between what Samsung and Apple want.
Категории: Technology News

Essential Phone 2 reportedly canceled, Android founder may sell company - CNET

CNet News - 20 часов 12 минут назад
"We are putting all of our efforts towards our future, game-changing products," says founder Andy Rubin.
Категории: Technology News

$1.2 billion in cryptocurrency has been stolen since 2017, says report - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 24/05/2018 - 23:39
"Put the Bitcoin in the bag and nobody gets hurt."
Категории: Technology News

Han Solo's blaster isn't science fiction - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 24/05/2018 - 23:20
Turns out the Star Wars scoundrel's go-to weapon is actually very viable. And, yes, Han shot first.
Категории: Technology News

Fortnite tallied almost $300 million in April, with no signs of slowing down - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 24/05/2018 - 22:51
The money keeps rolling in for Epic Games' battle royale shooter, which doubled its revenue in just two months.
Категории: Technology News


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