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Fornite's highly anticipated meteor shower has begun - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:17
The meteor that's been hanging above Fortnite players for weeks is now prompting a meteor shower -- and no one but Epic knows what it means.
Категории: Technology News

In-screen fingerprint sensors are coming to a phone near you - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:16
We can expect to see a lot more fingerprint sensors that live underneath phone displays, says a new report.
Категории: Technology News

Apple will stop selling its AirPort routers when supplies run out - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:12
The company still will support the discontinued networking devices, which haven't been updated in five years, for the next half decade.
Категории: Technology News

Newark releases its Amazon HQ2 proposal, which highlights the city's diversity, tech infrastructure - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:05
The release follows a February lawsuit requesting access to the proposal. Amazon is expected to select a location for its second headquarters this year.
Категории: Technology News

Icy Mars crater stars in ExoMars' colorful image - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:03
The European Space Agency's ExoMars orbiter shares a fresh look at a fascinating landscape feature on Mars, in full, fetching color.
Категории: Technology News

Alternatives to Apple's discontinued AirPort routers - CNET

CNet News - Пт, 27/04/2018 - 00:00
Apple just announced it is discontinuing its AirPort Base Stations (Express, Extreme and Time Capsule). Here are some alternatives to replace them.
Категории: Technology News

Semi-cyborg? 3D printer puts electronics directly on skin - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 23:58
Welcome to a future where a portable 3D printer can place electronics right on the back of your hand, and also print biological cells onto wounds.
Категории: Technology News

Women alleging rape by Uber drivers: Give us our day in court - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 23:47
Fourteen women write an open letter to Uber's board of directors asking the company to free them from private arbitration.
Категории: Technology News

Cool purple accessories for your cool purple Samsung Galaxy S9 - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 23:35
From a wireless headphone to a USB hub to rugged phone cases, everything's coming up purple.
Категории: Technology News

Mozilla's Hub experiment brings VR chat rooms to the web so your avatar can chill in a browser - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 23:18
The Firefox developer wants to marry web browsers to virtual reality and augmented reality with technology called WebVR and WebXR.
Категории: Technology News

Astronomers search for alien megastructures in satellite data - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:58
A European Space Agency catalog of the Milky Way's billions of stars could be hiding evidence of highly advanced alien civilizations with serious building skills.
Категории: Technology News

Comcast Xfinity adds Tile tracking to the X1 platform - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:49
Popular Bluetooth tracker Tile and Comcast Xfinity are joining forces to keep up with your stuff.
Категории: Technology News

Qualcomm cuts licensing fees, hopes to settle with Apple this year - CNET

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:35
In an effort to resolve its licensing disputes, the chipmaker lowers by $100 the cap on the value of handsets, which is what its royalties are based on.
Категории: Technology News

Outrageous custom Lamborghinis - Roadshow

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:20
These extra-special supercars are blinged out with lights, gold and, in one case, Donald Trump.
Категории: Technology News

Jugendschutz: EU einigt sich auf striktere Regeln für Youtube & Co.

Heise Newsticker - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:17
Videoplattformen wie Youtube sollen künftig verpflichtet werden, Werbung, Sponsoring und Produktplatzierungen kenntlich zu machen. Außerdem sollen sie sich an strengere Regeln für den Jugendschutz halten.
Категории: Technology News

Tesla's Autopilot boss Jim Keller leaves the company - Roadshow

CNet News - Чт, 26/04/2018 - 22:12
Keller has left Tesla to return to designing superconductors.
Категории: Technology News


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