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Обновлено: 1 час 34 минуты назад

Senator to probe Facebook's use of opposition research firm - CNET

1 час 42 минуты назад
Amy Klobuchar wants to know more about the social network's ties to Definers Public Affairs.
Категории: Technology News

Schedule your Christmas lights with these outdoor smart plugs - CNET

2 часа 27 минут назад
Smart plugs make managing outdoor decorations and accessories a breeze with automation, voice control, energy monitoring and more.
Категории: Technology News

Facebook's flubs, Elon Musk's tweets, the scooter scourge: Meet the Tech Turkeys of 2018 - CNET

2 часа 39 минут назад
The tech industry has had so many screwups this year, it's hard to keep track. But we're gonna try.
Категории: Technology News

Tech Turkeys 2018: The biggest screwups in tech this year - CNET

2 часа 39 минут назад
Tech's major players made even more big blunders, marking one of the industry's worst years ever.
Категории: Technology News

Black Friday brings out hackers looking to rip you off - CNET

2 часа 39 минут назад
Researchers found hundreds of malicious apps pretending to offer discounts.
Категории: Technology News

Get a Tile Pro four-pack and Echo Dot for $100 - CNET

2 часа 51 минута назад
It's the end of our 10 Days of Deals, and we leave you with Tile's best trackers and Amazon's latest smart speaker for a great price.
Категории: Technology News

EE, Virgin Media hit with combined £13.3M fine for overcharging customers - CNET

4 часа 18 минут назад
People were hit with excessive charges for ending their contracts early, the regulator said.
Категории: Technology News

The 41 best VR games - CNET

7 часов 24 минуты назад
What's worth playing in virtual reality? Here are all our favorites.
Категории: Technology News

Julian Assange apparently charged under seal, prosecutors reveal - CNET

9 часов 59 минут назад
WikiLeaks founder's name inadvertently appears in filing in unrelated case.
Категории: Technology News

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid to debut at LA auto show - Roadshow

10 часов 3 минуты назад
It'll be the first time the Corolla has offered a hybrid powertrain in the US.
Категории: Technology News

Text message database reportedly leaked password resets - CNET

10 часов 42 минуты назад
Unprotected server yields password resets and two-factor security codes, TechCrunch reports.
Категории: Technology News

The 2020 Toyota Corolla wears a striking new face - Roadshow

12 часов 38 минут назад
The new Corolla sedan, now in its 12th generation, will go on sale in the US in spring 2019.
Категории: Technology News

2020 Toyota Corolla sedan gets a bold new look in its 12th generation - Roadshow

12 часов 39 минут назад
Like the Corolla Hatch, the sedan moves to the TNGA modular platform.
Категории: Technology News

Rivian releases weird electric R1T truck teaser video and we can't even - Roadshow

12 часов 40 минут назад
The video is less than a minute and three-quarters is just macro shots of a guy's face. But the truck looks kinda cool once you see it.
Категории: Technology News

Google Doodle highlights mankind's first attempt to phone ET - CNET

13 часов 39 минут назад
The Arecibo message was sent into space 44 years ago, but delivery is still nearly 25,000 years off.
Категории: Technology News

Black Friday 2018 deals Xbox Gold members can get right now - CNET

13 часов 45 минут назад
Starting today, Xbox Gold members can save up to 65 percent off digital games.
Категории: Technology News

NASA may have heard from once silent Mars Opportunity rover - CNET

16 часов 11 минут назад
Could it be? One of NASA's radio antenna picks up a signal from Mars rover that went silent on June 10.
Категории: Technology News

Facebook to hand off editorial oversight to independent board in 2019 - CNET

16 часов 16 минут назад
Zuckerberg said Facebook will create a governing body to address content appeals.
Категории: Technology News

FCC tries to clean-up space - CNET

16 часов 35 минут назад
The FCC is reviewing rules to help deal with the 500,000 pieces of zombie satellites and other space debris orbiting the earth.
Категории: Technology News

Sony says it's skipping E3 2019 - CNET

17 часов 4 минуты назад
There won't be a big PlayStation press conference at E3 next year. Or a booth on the show floor. In fact, Sony isn't showing up at all.
Категории: Technology News