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Louisville wants to fly automated drones to gunshot sites - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 17:44
The city submitted an application for the Federal Aviation Administration's drone innovation program, which allows for broader drone operations.
Категории: Technology News

Trolls converge on British politician's custom social network - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 17:40
Is Matt Hancock, UK secretary of state for digital, the next Mark Zuckerberg? Not exactly, but he'll find out how tricky it is to keep a social network under control.
Категории: Technology News

Expand and improve your home Wi-Fi with the Netgear Orbi for $179.99 - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 17:39
Normally $250, this expandable tri-band mesh system includes a router and one satellite. Plus: a $5 mobile accessory and $8 sport earphone!
Категории: Technology News

YouTube TV available on Roku, coming to Apple TV 'very soon' - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 17:01
YouTube's $35-per-month alternative to cable TV is now on the most popular streaming platform.
Категории: Technology News

How Intel creates its dazzling drone light shows - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 15:47
After its light-show drones made a big splash at last year's Super Bowl, the chipmaker decided to create even more of them.
Категории: Technology News

Want easy-to-set-up gadget security? It’s not going to be cheap - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 15:33
Security executives are pushing out easy cybersecurity solutions for the average person. The hard part will be getting people to pay for it.
Категории: Technology News

Twitter's huge bot problem is out of the bag - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 15:25
The social network is coming under greater scrutiny over how many of its 330 million accounts are real -- or fake.
Категории: Technology News

Alta Motors' electric motorcycles are ready for the mainstream - Roadshow

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 15:00
Electric motorcycles have reached parity with gas-burning bikes thanks to Alta Motors.
Категории: Technology News

2018 Alta Motors Redshift MXR gives gas bikes a run for their money - Roadshow

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 15:00
The Alta Redshift MXR gets more power, less weight, faster charge times and a lower price to finally achieve parity with gas-powered dirtbikes.
Категории: Technology News

Amazon patents a wristband that would track worker movements - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 11:43
The vibrating wristband would monitor a worker's hand movements and reduce time wasted searching for the correct inventory bin.
Категории: Technology News

Elon Musk's flamethrowers sold out, will come with free gift - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 08:48
Commentary: The Tesla and Boring Company CEO makes the announcement on Twitter and adds a little surprise.
Категории: Technology News

Sprint introduces wannabe millennial robot for Super Bowl - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 06:44
Commentary: In two teaser ads, Sprint introduces Evelyn, a robot who seems desperate to be a true young adult of today.
Категории: Technology News

Mario Kart will be playable on your smartphone by March 2019 - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 05:50
Nintendo announced Mario Kart Tour on Wednesday, a game for iOS and Android devices.
Категории: Technology News

Mario movie cometh, Nintendo working with 'Despicable Me' studio - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 05:49
Take two: Mario's first forray into film back in 1993 isn't remembered fondly, but Nintendo now hopes to right that wrong.
Категории: Technology News

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 inadvertently sets lap record at VIR - Roadshow

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 02:50
The beastliest Corvette ever is so fast that it set a lap record at America's toughest track with an engineer at the wheel.
Категории: Technology News

Bigfoot may soon stomp across best license plate ever - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 02:16
It's a big hairy deal: Senator proposes a specialty plate honoring Sasquatch, calling him a Washington state native.
Категории: Technology News

Uber and Waymo pick their jury, now it's trial time - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 02:13
It's all systems go in one of Silicon Valley's most anticipated court cases: a battle between two top tech titans over self-driving car trade secrets.
Категории: Technology News

AT&T CEO says the first 5G device will be "pucks" - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 02:08
AT&T says the biggest bottleneck in the spread of next-generation wireless tech is the lack of 5G smartphones.
Категории: Technology News

Toyota recalling Prius hybrid, Lexus CUVs over airbag issue - Roadshow

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 01:48
Approximately 49,000 vehicles are affected.
Категории: Technology News

Deal with Samsung could help Qualcomm with Korean legal issue - CNET

Чт, 01/02/2018 - 01:44
The chipmaker for phones inks an agreement with Samsung that includes the smartphone maker stepping away from an antitrust appeal in South Korea.
Категории: Technology News