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Osborn Method

Sorry, this text is a mashine translation from german...

TargetStructuring and containment of problem definitions
MethodologyThe problem is struktiriert and analyzed, in one tries to find responses to the following questions:
  • For what can I still use it? Can I use it differently?
  • Does the problem refer to other ideas? Is it similar to something different one?
  • What can be modified? Which characteristics can be transformed?
  • Can be increased somewhat, add, to multiply?
  • Can be reduced somewhat, take away, to shorten?
  • What can be replaced? Which conditions can be modified?
  • Can the sequence or structure be modified?
  • Can the idea be turned in the opposite? Can the flow be turned around?
  • Can ideas be combined or persons be connected?
NecessarilyQuestion catalog (see above)
AdvantageMethod functions also with an individual person.